Easy Piano Improvisation



This paper documents how to learn playing Piano improvisation quite easily within a short time.  Learning sheet music is never necessary, even avoid reading musical scores at the beginning.


Each piano-like keyboard has 2 different kinds of keys, on the upper or lower position of the keyboard.  The easy playing occurs when restricting the usage to only the upper or lower part of the keyboard.


For Pianos, including the Harpsichords, Cembalos, Grands, and electronic pianos, the upper keys are short and black; the lower keys are long and white.


Additional to the Pianos, the same method is also possible for Harpsichords, Cembalo, Organs, Xylophone, and Marimba, once one has some experience.


Most Organs have the upper keys in white and the lower keys in black.  The Marimbas and Xylophones have the same color and length for upper and lower keys.


So all useful instruments have the same structure for separating upper and lower keys.  So the color names and length names are no longer used.  Only the name Piano is used for all of these suitable instruments.