Pseudo-Bach Improvisation



Johann Sebastian Bach was an excellent composer, some musicians proved that Bach was the best composer of all times, e.g. Glenn GouldBach's music is some kind of mathematics, it sounds a bit like string theory in physics; it is so logical that Spock from StarTrek would like it.


Bach's music was too advanced for his time.  He lived up to 1750 AD.  He was a Barock composer.  But at that time, the classical music started already and no one enjoyed mathematics at that time.  So J. S. Bach was not famous at all during his life.


His orchestral work was rediscovered by Stokowsky, but Stokowsky's directing sounds like a classical melody with accords.


But the pianist Glenn Gould plays the melody fugues such that the Piano sounds like a harpsicord.  So Gould's playing sounds like Bach himself and the logical part suited very well to the 20th century. Maybe Glenn Gould was a reincarnation of Bach.

Bach's best music has several melodies at the same time with only rare accords.  So that would suit to the already documented lower keys by using all 7 scales.


2 played melodies sound already compatible, no matter which keys are used for that within lower keys only.  But a 3rd or even a 4th melody is no longer easy.  But if the 3rd or 4th melodies are played at a slower rate, then it can become playable.